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    Whether you are hunting deer, elk, hog or other wild game - the Best Hunting Rifle website has everything you need to make the next hunting adventure a successful one. We review the best hunting rifles, scopes, gear and just about everything else you can imagine - but our number one passion has always been rifles themselves. As hunters our entire lives, we know that being a meat eater is embedded deep into our DNA and as society progresses we can never lose sight of our heritage of hunting and how it got us to where we are today.

    You may be wondering, what is the best hunting rifle for deer, hog, elk, moose or other big game. These are the quintessential questions that we aim to answer in our rifle reviews, scope reviews, hunting rifle guides and all the articles that we write. Not only do we lay out what the best rifles for hunting all types of game are, but we test, rate and provide recommendations for accessories for all the rifle reviews that we do. There is no better feeling than harvesting a delicious animal when you have paired the best rifle scope with a well oiled hunting rifle and a lifetime of appreciation for wildlife. As all of our ancestors where hunters, we carry on the tradition with our families by hunting to put food on the table and be closer with nature itself.

    We are here to help you find the best all around hunting rifle, best hunting rifle for the money, .308, 30 06, .22 and pretty much anything else that we can get our hands on over here. You could call us obsessed but our rifle reviews are in-depth and hands on, providing you with the most insight that we can in order to help you get that next monster buck, hog, elk, moose, sheep - heck why not all of them? So, what is the best hunting rifle? This is a question that we break up into multiple parts - depending on your budget, the animal you are hunting, caliber, distance, weight and more. For big game rifles, you are most likely willing to sacrifice a little weight for increased power, whereas if you are looking to cross country hike through the woods, glass some hills and set up a shot - perhaps you want to go with a lighter rifle to take on your trek. If you are an experienced hunter, the chances are you are looking for the best all around hunting rifle for your favorite game. If you are new to hunting, you may be looking for the best hunting rifle for the money or the best cheap hunting rifle. Well, regardless of your experience level we put together rifle reviews for all levels of hunter on all budgets.

    Check back here for updates, reviews on brand new rifles for hog, deer, elk, moose, coyote and other animals as our site grows and expands. Make sure to check out our instagram page at @besthuntingrifle or tweet at us at @huntingrifles to see user submitted hunting photos - there are some amazing hunts that our readers are going on and we want to share them with you! Here’s to helping you find the best hunting rifle for all the hunts you are about to embark on this year. If there is a specific gun, rifle scope, boot or other hunting gear that you want us to review, please contact us and let us know what you want to see!

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    Winchester Model 70 Review

    Winchester Model 70 Review

    Winchester Model 70 Review The classic Winchester Model 70 Review is here! Back in the good ole days, when Winchester stopped production in its New Haven, CT factory – it put to death the Model 94 and the Model 70. The masses wondered, when would those awesome rifles might make it back to market? The good news is ...

    Remington 700 Review

    Remington 700 Review

    Remington 700 Review It’s no secret that we hunters have a thing for precision rifles. Although we all want precision rifles for hunting and targeting but the question remains - how much are we ready to spend? Or how much is too much for a precision rifle? This is why we decided to do the Remington 700 Review. ...


    Sako A7 Review

    Sako A7 Review

    Sako A7 Review Alas, here is our Sako A7 review for your reading pleasure. The all new Sako A7 fuses reliability and bold design with the finest OEM accuracy rating. Yes - the Sako A7 is deadly damn accurate.Just a casual glance at the Sako A7 will reveal the fact, the rifle has improved on the older Sako 75 ...

    Ruger American Revolution Review

    -21% Ruger American Revolution Review

    Ruger American Revolution Review With a real ‘merican name as iconic as the maker, this rifle ideally blends cutting edge features and intrinsic value - get ready for the Ruger American Revolution Review. It stands as one the hot favorites among sportsmen from sea to shining sea. In the firearm industry, one thing ...

    $355 $449

    Browning X Bolt Review

    -17%Editor's choice Browning X Bolt Review

    Browning X Bolt Review In our Browning X Bolt Review we cover everything from the woods to the range so you don't have to. The Browning X Bolt is not a plain ole rifle, for this is one of the top of the line hunting rifles available on the market. I recently hunted with an X-Bolt Composite Stalker in .30-06 and I ...

    $947 $1139

    Redfield Revolution Accu-Range Rifle Scope

    -8% Redfield Revolution Accu-Range Rifle Scope

     The particular eye relief about the Redfield Revolution Scope is extremely nice, which range from 3. 7″ in order to four. 2″ based on exactly what magnification the actual scope is placed in order to. This really is sufficient to permit the scope to become utilized on higher energy rifles along with ...

    $369 $399

    Leupold UltimateSlam Rifle Scope Review FireDot

    -30% Leupold UltimateSlam Rifle Scope Review FireDot

     In the event that this particular design name seems like a significant mouthful, it's. The Leupold UltimateSlam Sabot Ballistics Reticle Muzzleloader  is awesome for muzzle loader rifles. I’ll make reference to this particular range since the “Ultimate Slam” to create this simple, if perhaps with regard ...

    $399 $569

    Thompson/Center Muzzleloader Review

    -14% Thompson/Center Muzzleloader Review

      Thompson/Center Muzzleloader ReviewWelcome to our muzzleloader review and one of the best traditional deer hunting rifles that you can find. Provided it's unrivaled versatility as well as, therefore, flexibility, the single-shot, break-action Thompson/Center Hands Encore, that was launched within 1997, ...

    $599 $699